the soul story.



...because we have been where you are and we live for opportunities to help people realize their vision. 


So, if you’ve dreamt it or wanted it or even started it…and become stuck or overwhelmed, we will help you - it’s what we do.

Maybe you want to create tools to monetize your expertise.


Maybe you can’t stop thinking about the business you know you want to start or expand the one you have. 

Maybe you need to rebuild your world (and mindset) after a painful divorce. 


Maybe you want to redesign your website or inject your marketing strategy with more life.

Maybe you want to stop saying ‘maybe’.  


Hi. I'm Cate, the creator of Unstuck Co. and I live to see people courageously thrive in their lives.

During my 18+ years in the corporate world, I would often get asked to consult on projects where people felt stuck and overwhelmed. One of my mentors called it my "sweet spot". His observations resonated with me so I decided to lean into that truth.. my truth, and UnstuckCo. was born. 

We help individuals and businesses get unstuck…redefining, rebuilding, reimagining - their lives and businesses. 

Whether building a new business concept - OR - creating marketing pieces - OR - monetizing your unique expertise and social media feed. 

Being stuck usually boils down to some combination of these areas : 




and Implementation.

(even in our personal lives)

I know what it is to be stuck; I know what it is to be overwhelmed and have to pick myself back up and rebuild my life and business...I have done it many times.

If you're tired of feeling stuck and want to realize your vision, let's have a


You were created for great things...and feeling stuck isn't one of them.  


Being stuck is almost always about inaction. 
Overwhelm. Inertia.
And it happens to all of us.  
Action changes the outcome. 
Cultivating strategic 
At work and at home.
We embrace this truth. 
We won't give up on your success.
And neither should you.
Our expertise comes from our years of experience, solid science, and learning from our mistakes. It's tested and true.
Our goal is to teach you to do it for yourself.
When you win, we win. 
We live and work with intention - and believe it is our responsibility to 'pay it forward', so we do. Monthly. And in a variety of ways. 

what our clients say about us...


After selling my consulting company several years ago, I began a new role overseeing a 40-bed homeless shelter and was somewhat overwhelmed by the sheer volume of work that had to be done in the first year.

Cate came alongside of me to manage diverse projects...she gave me the support and confidence I needed to get through the first year and left things in great shape and with a sustainable plan when she moved on to her next project. 

Tim Arnold

President, Leaders for Leaders

Author: Power of Healthy Tensions


Taking the time to first understand me and my business, Cate then brought clarity and focus into her insightful strategic marketing plans.  


As my business is in the start-up phase, I will continue to use Cate as I continue to progress with my marketing, website and social media plans.   


The momentum Cate has given me with her drive and vision has truly unlocked my ability to move forward!

Linda Van Dyk

Holistic Nutrionist

Owner, Redefining Age

Cate has partnered with me on three different projects. Her incisive vision and perspective help deepen my understanding, particularly in the areas of marketing and stakeholder impacts. Her thoughtful questions unlock the key steps to move projects from idea to implementation...Cate challenges me always to see a bigger vision, and brings me the courage to achieve it. 

Tim Krause

President, Start by Starting