• Cate Giannousopoulos

The Low Down Dirty On Self-Promotion

Is self-promotion arrogant?

Do you criticize people who do it?

Or does it depend on how it's done?

Self-promotion is not self-adulation; there is a distinct and meaningful difference.

I have been a Marketing & Communications executive for many years and have realized I am often more comfortable promoting someone else's product than I am promoting my own.

And I wonder why that is...

Perhaps it's too personal

Perhaps we aren't convinced of our own value

Perhaps we are afraid of appearing arrogant

Perhaps we confuse self-promotion with self-flattery

About three years ago, I started my own consulting company and quickly realized the success of my business depends (in part) on my ability to spread my ideas.

I don't expect my ideas to resonate with everyone.

I don't expect anything.

... except the freedom to share ideas.

People who appreciate my ideas and/or my voice promote me too and though I don't expect it, I am always grateful.

But, I do promote my ideas (and by extension - myself) and in doing so, have had some interesting conversations about how & why people self-promote.


I read a quote in a Brené Brown book years ago that smacked me between the eyes: “nothing has transformed my life more then realizing that it's a waste of time to evaluate my worthiness by weighing the reaction of the people in the stands"

What is self-promotion?


it isn't bragging.

or an endless list of accomplishments.

or an unrelenting self-focus.

It is knowing, embracing, and sharing your unique view.

It is knowing what your value is, without having to jam it down the throats of others.

It is humbly, gently, powerfully using your voice.

AND, then viewing others with the same positive, supportive, abundant lens.

We all promote ourselves to some degree - don't we?

- in a job interview.

- at the bank.

- on social media.

- in the early days of dating.

So, the question is ....

Do I promote myself and my ideas? Absolutely I do. Lots of places.

If I don't believe in what I have to offer why would I expect you to?

Here's the thing :

There will always be people who criticize you - that's how they feel better about themselves and their world.

They will find a reason to criticize.

They will find a reason to be negative.

Be grateful you are not one of those people.

We all have our own self-doubt. We don't need to carry the negativity of others too.

You won't be for everybody. You will have haters.

Let that inspire you because it means you stand for something!

Focus on the truth that there is a whole world full of people who will choose to see the beauty and insight in others, in their world, and in you.

You are not interested in the people who choose not to - they will self-select out of your life, revealing themselves and their intentions to you in the process - what a gift that is!

Thank them (maybe just in your head, not with your outdoor voice or anything) ;)

It saves you the time and energy you’d spend trying to convince them to see something else– and we all know how futile that is!


Support each other.

Enjoy conversation over coffee.

Share your story.

Cheer each other on.

Call each other for more.

It changes everything, because...


Beauty begets beauty.

Positivity begets positivity.

Abundance begets abundance.

Your turn - what do you think? I would love to know ...

Do you self-promote?

How much is too much?

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